Week 1 2020


First call this year was a farm bungalow in Cutcombe suffering from no / poor signal. They had a pretty poor, but recently fitted, log periodic aerial on the chimney. In this area that was not going to be enough so we discussed alternatives such as a longer pole, a larger aerial and amplifiers, but I made sure they knew there was no guarantee it was going to be a perfect fix. In the end we settled on Freesat as the most reliable source for them and so I arranged a call back for the following week.

On to the afternoon and my first job was in Minehead, the customer having missing channels, this was no more than a matter of retuning. Next job was a Sky box not responding to the remote control, a quick reset of the box had it up and running.

Two last jobs today, a quick set up of a new tv and and a bit of advice regarding reception out in Carhampton.


I received this call via email, they were receiving a very poor sky signal and wanted to also discuss extending their aerial into some other rooms. When I arrived it was obvious what was causing the sky problem, the dish was facing into a tree in next doors garden, this would mean moving the dish to the far end of the bungalow, a matter to be discussed with my customers. Inside all seemed to be well but the satellite signal was quite low and they said as soon as the wind blew the signal would break up. I explained about the tree and the conversation moved on to the aerial and getting it into other rooms. Looking at the aerial in the loft it was just laying across the rafters and wasn’t really pointing in the right direction, so I did a temporary fix on that, gave them a quote to finish the work and left it to them to contact me.

The afternoon involved a call out to Kilve where they said they had missing channels. I kind of already knew they would be getting their signal from the kilve relay, and therefore they would have a limited amount of channels. I explained the situation to them and said they would need an extra aerial installed to pick up what they were missing from Wenvoe. They seemed happy not to spend the money so that was where it was left. I had a quick call at Rodhuish on the way home, they had, for some reason, unplugged their you view box and didn’t know how to get it going again. A quick rearrangement of the leads and a bit of setting up was all that was needed.