The Vintage Mitsubishi

I seem to have been looking at some really old gear recently, just shows how well built it was back then…the eighties in this case. But first, I had a mixed bag of jobs this morning…an aerial extension into two bedrooms, thankfully working indoors as outside it was blowing a gale and hailing. Then it was a simple job of connecting up a YouView box, then disabling a child lock at my next call, and then an even simpler job of plugging an aerial lead into a wall socket. I was called to this one because the decorator had pulled all the leads out to do some painting and had no idea how to put them back. Well after a lot of lead swapping I had all the leads connecting the Sky, the Freeview box and the DVD in the right places but still no Freeview, this was because the aerial lead was not in the wall socket on the other side of the room. My customers swore blind that lead had never been in, but I knew better because I had installed it a couple of years ago! They continued arguing until I plugged it in and everything sprang to life…that showed them!

It was into the workshop for the afternoon, where I had a 32″ Bush waiting for me. This one was an Argos TV and it had just struggled out of it’s guarantee before calling it a day. The owner wasn’t sure whether to repair or replace but I was able to convince her it was worth a try and repair would probably be a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. It turned out to be just a couple of components in the power supply, so in this instance I was right, it made much more sense to repair it than replace it with another equivalent TV from Argos that would probably be of even poorer quality.

Next came the old Mitsubishi, I remember working on them as a very young man and I found myself digging deep into my memory to recall the cause of the line tearing fault…all vertical lines on the picture were serrated, this is usually a decoupling problem in the line drive circuit, and sure enough it was the 1uF decoupling capacitor, on removal it was easy to see that most of its electrolyte was long gone! Replacing this restored a perfect picture and I bet my previous customers Bush won’t still be going in thirty years time!