The Samsung Saga

Well today was always going to be about the 50″ Samsung Plasma I’ve been working on for the last couple of weeks. Sound but no picture, doesn’t sound too bad does it, but on these it can get very complicated indeed. At the customers house I noticed that the top buffer IC had destroyed itself, this means the one below it is probably gone as well, also a whole host of parts on the Y-Sus panel. It’s a lengthy job, especially fitting the buffer IC’s, as the soldering is very fiddly.

Once all the parts are fitted it’s a heart stopping moment as the TV is switched on for the first time and unfortunately, in this case, everything failed again. Looks like I have what is called in the trade a ‘Killer Y-Sus’ meaning that it will destroy itself and any buffers attached to it in an instant. This doesn’t happen often but when it does the repair can get very expensive.

Well, time to give that one a rest, everything else today was fairly straight forward…realign a satellite dish after a builder had smacked it with a scaffold pole, install a computer and router in a room in a nursing home and replace an aerial socket on a Sharp LCD, it had been yanked away with the aerial lead, luckily I keep spare ones in stock, they can be a bit fiddly to fit but once on there they are much more robust than the original socket.

Update…the Samsung is now mine…a ‘gift’ from the owner. Couldn’t blame him really, in this case there are so many things that could cause total destruction of the panels again. I explained all this to him and we mutually decided to call it a day. I now have three of these, all gifted to me when the quotes were declined, and all too risky to bother spending any more money on. A shame really, they’re a potential £600 pounds worth of sales but, in reality, just a pile of scrap panels. Maybe I’ll sort them when I feel like a bit of a gamble, until then they’ll gather dust in my workshop!