Servicing Taunton, Bridgwater and surrounding areas

I often find myself travelling up the Taunton and Bridgwater roads but usually only as far as places like Nether Stowey and Flaxpool, beyond there has always been someone else’s patch. However, it now seems there are a shortage of television engineers in these towns, I know one retired recently and has kindly been referring people on to me, I’m not sure about the others.

Because of this I’ve recently been getting more and more inquiries about servicing these areas. Regarding Television, Hi-Fi and DVD repairs, I’ve tried to encourage people to deliver their items to me for the simple reason that a call out to Taunton or Bridgwater is £65, I have to charge that because there is at least a fifty mile round trip and half a day’s work involved, most of it travelling. I know it’s not always possible to get these things to me though so now, due to the high demand for repairs in these areas, I am going to try and put one day a week aside, by doing that I can hopefully reduce the call out charge to something more reasonable.

This will also allow me to visit for set ups or retunes, and of course what someone thinks is a faulty television may be a problem with something connected to it, so a home visit is preferable to bringing a perfectly good television all the way to Minehead.

I’m going to try and make Wednesday my Taunton / Bridgwater (or further) day and see how that works for everyone.

Feel free to give us a call or email me to discuss or arrange a service call.