Some delicate soldering!

So I had a Panasonic Plasma in for repair, lot’s of short circuits on the Y-Sus panel. A pretty common fault on Plasmas, and not always a viable repair, but after checking the screen for damage, ie blown pixels / tiny cracks in the glass, I decided it was worth a gamble on the repair of the panel.

Not an easy job, the short circuit FET’s ( field effect transistors ) require a lot of heat for removal, so I had to heat the panel from below with a preheater, and from above with a hot air desoldering gun. Then there were the miniature components – half a dozen surface mounted resistors, a tiny drive IC and a transistor, these required a much more delicate approach, no preheater was needed but the hot air gun was used for removal and a fine soldering iron for replacement.

IC502 and Q531 required finesse to replace, the large Fets seen above and below required a little more persuasion!