Well the first three days of this week were spent in Paris, leaving me just a couple of days to catch up on all the work. There were multiple messages left on the answerphone, as we expected, so Yvonne got cracking on those straight away. I find it unbelievable that people knew from the message that we would be back at work on Thursday but couldn’t actually wait that long, aerial work had gone elsewhere and a possible repair had gone out and bought a new one! Oh well there was still plenty to do, parts to fit that had arrived in the post.

So after a few service calls and a couple of hours in the workshop most of my backlog had been caught up with. The Samsung TV with the solarised picture from last week had the part fitted and worked well and a Toshiba LCD had a part replaced on the main panel to restore HDMI functions.

The next day wasn’t so straightforward, a lady just a few days off her 100th birthday had no picture, unfortunately it was the masthead amp up on the roof. She had the local TV retailer there the day before ( mentioning no names ), it took them an hour and a half to diagnose ‘aerial trouble’, it took me 30 seconds! So it was up on the roof in the wind and rain, considering her age I couldn’t leave her with no TV over the weekend!

The over the air upgrades for the Panasonic DVD recorders started at the beginning of the week and seem to be doing the job, unfortunately a specific model range of Panasonic TV’s ( TX-L**X5B ) are recognising the update and trying to install it, this is not going to happen as the upgrade is not designed for them and it’s very frustrating for the owners. This can be overcome by turning off the auto update in the menu. There is an update coming out soon for these TV’s, it will be version 2.40, at the moment it should be version 2.39 but I have found several of these running on version 2.29, these should be updated now to the newer version.