Panasonic NV-HD650

I used to repair these videos by the dozen, a very common fault was not loading or ejecting the tape…and if the tape is stuck in the loading tray it makes getting the thing to pieces very difficult. Anyway, there’s a small sleeve on the spindle of the loading motor, it couples the motor to the worm gear, when it splits the spindle just spins with none of the force being transferred to the worm gear. Glueing isn’t really an option, apart from being a bodge, it never lasts very long, the only way to repair this fault is to replace the sleeve, yes I was surprised to find they are still available (I used to have a drawer full until I threw them all out), they are, of course, only available to genuine engineers via a dedicated spares supplier, and dismantling the loading mech on one of these is definitely not for the amateur or the faint hearted!

The tape was stuck in this one so it had to be dismantled the hard way

The problem lies within that worm gear

The culprit!