More trouble with trees and satellite reception

This was an existing customer at an old manor house, they had used me for satellite problems in the past and now called me out to see if I could find somewhere more accessible for the satellite dish. It had started on the front wall of the house but was now on a pole so high it needed scaffolding to reach. Now, once again it was being blocked by the surrounding trees and they asked me to find a more suitable place for it. Well I must have spent a couple of hours up and down ladders but, apart from moving it to a pole at the back of the house, there was nowhere else it would work. Of course, doing this wasn’t practical because of the extra long runs of cable needed, so the only thing to do, with the help of scaffolding, was to move it higher again, unfortunately this meant that if anything ever happened scaffolding would be needed to reach it again, so to reduce the risk of anything moving I mounted it on it’s own bracket rather than another pole, this makes it so secure (as opposed to a pole mount) it would take a hurricane to move it, and to reduce the chances of electrical failure I used a more upmarket LNB rather than a standard sky one. The last thing to aid reliability was to replace the cable all the way down, the old cables had taped up joints where they had been extended as the dish was moved higher, these were weak points and had to be removed. It’s now high enough not to be troubled by the trees and reliable enough to not need attention for many years.