More Red Button Problems!

Today started with a couple of aerial jobs, one inside and one outside in the terrible wind. The one in the loft was easy enough, just replace a two way masthead with a four way and run a lead into a bedroom, I was even able to use some existing trunking to hide the cable down the wall…an easy job.

Next it was out with the ladders and up on to a roof in Washford where the wind had snapped the aerial pole. It would have been easy enough except the wind hadn’t really died down at all so both ladders were roped to the house to keep them safe. I just dropped the pole down in the bracket, realigned and tightened up and all was fine, I even got an order for a Humax PVR out of it.

Back in Minehead there was another Panasonic DVD Recorder playing up by recording the favourites list rather than the intended program on the timer. This is becoming a habit with them, I’ve been in contact with other engineers around the country and no one has a reliable fix for this problem. It’s being caused by a BBC software update relating to their red button service and it’s not only confusing these Panasonics but also some Sony TV’s. There is no fix from Sony or Panasonic so software updates performed on the equipment are clutching at straws, as is doing the factory reset, retunes or even silly things like turning off the power save function, all things that people think ‘may’ have worked, but have actually proved a waste of time. Well at least I got another Humax order, that’s two today!

Back into the workshop now to keep an eye on the repairs I carried out yesterday. The LG was still working perfectly, as was the Sony, so on with fitting another Samsung buffer IC, I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks, a 50″ plasma with a blown Y-Sus and buffer IC’s. Quite a job, especially the buffers, tiny IC’s each with 132 pins, some very demanding soldering and there are four to be replaced, I have to do one every time I get a chance.

Only thing left for today was to deliver the large LG back to it’s owner in Washford. Not a bad day and it’ll be back in the workshop tomorrow to replace yet another buffer IC!