More Hi Fi Repairs

I seem to be getting a lot of Hi Fi in for repair at the moment, I have a customer near Stogumber with a very nice Teac system and some time ago I was called to service the amplifier, this time it was the CD player that needed attention. Sometimes it would play and sometimes not, I thought it may be simply a case of cleaning the lens on the laser, this is very common, but in this case it wasn’t the problem. There was a nasty bend in the 16 pin ribbon connector so that needs to be replaced but the actual cause is the laser itself, which is now on order. I really enjoy keeping quality gear going.

It was a day of repairs today, the Panasonic that I diagnosed with a faulty tuner last week was taken in first thing to have the new tuner fitted, this went smoothly and the set ran perfectly all day with no sign of the pixelation it had been suffering with.

Next a small Toshiba…actually a Vestel with a Toshiba badge, it was dead, no standby light or any other sign of life, this was just a rectifier in the secondary circuit of the power supply, the hardest part of this job was getting the back off!

I had the pleasure of selling a new Linsar TV today and although these are also rebadged Vestel sets the quality is obvious. Unlike the small Toshiba I had repaired earlier which was produced as cheaply as possible for the likes of Currys and Argos, this TV oozed quality from the moment I took it out of the box. It was heavier than the equivalent Sony for instance, so no corners are being cut in it’s production. Linsar obviously have faith in their products as they all carry a five year guarantee. I was just as impressed with the quality of picture and sound…as was my customer. I can’t reccomend this manufacturer highly enough!

Speaking of quality, my second call this morning was to a Technika, a real cheap and nasty supermarket special, it’s built in DVD wouldn’t read a disc anymore, not a problem, you might think, but it would constantly try to load even though there was no disc inserted. The very poor quality meant most of the screws mounting posts broke off as I tried to remove them, the plastic having gone very brittle. It was easy enough to disable the DVD mech by removing the supply connector. It may be a pile of rubbish but the customer may get a few more months out of it.

All that was left today was to deliver a turntable back to it’s owner and take back the Panasonic I had repaired earlier.