Mail Order Repairs

I am now pleased to offer this service as I am often contacted by people living out of my area that are struggling to find an engineer close to them.

I realise Television engineers are a dying breed and televisions are often regarded as unrepairable, whereas this is sometimes true, due to lack of available spares or technical information, there is still a lot that can be done.

I have decided to offer this service as I have recently been contacted and had repairs sent to me from the midlands and even France…yes, I had a large LG delivered to me from France for repair and I’m pleased to say I was able to repair it and get it back to the customer for what they considered a worthwhile cost. I can’t guarantee that would always be the case and what I suggest is using the form on the contact page to tell me what you have and what the symptoms are, that way I can give you a rough estimate of repair cost.

I can offer this for any size Television, DVD recorders, VCR’s and anything else in that line.

Alternatively I can attempt to find an engineer in your location.