Humax PVR-9200t

Problems with Humax PVR'sI was called to this recorder because it was locking up, it would stick on one channel at switch on and not allow any channel change or menu operations until it had been switched off and back on at the mains, even then it would only operate for a few seconds until it locked up again. This is the kind of thing a factory reset can sometimes sort out, unfortunately it wasn’t possible to get that far in the menus. My second thought was to perform a software replacement, as opposed to an upgrade, as it was already running the latest version of the software available to it. This didn’t work either, so because I had one handy, I thought I’d just try a replacement hard drive, not really expecting it to make any difference. But once this was fitted, it was like a brand new machine, I replaced the software again, did a factory reset and a retune and suddenly it was running smoothly through the menus and performing all functions without hesitation. I left it on test and did a couple of timer recordings to be sure it was ok and a day later it was returned to it’s owner who was absolutely delighted as he had not really thought it was repairable.