As an apprentice I was always given the car radios and record players to repair as no one else wanted to do them. Being a Hi-Fi fan anyway I wasn’t bothered and enjoyed the work. Nowadays, as televisions become more and more disposable I find myself doing more Hi-Fi repairs as people, like myself, will treasure an old piece of audio equipment far more than their tv’s. It’s a nice feeling bringing an old amplifier or turntable back to life, in the last couple of years I have repaired all sorts from an old Arcam amp that needed the function selector stripped and cleaned to a vintage Pioneer that had gone down on one channel and needed new output transistors, it came in with it’s matching tuner which needed new lamps in the display. I seem to have had a glut of Sharp VZ-3000’s recently, they are vertical turntable combined ¬†with tape and tuner and seem to be appreciating in value due their quirkiness and their fast approaching vintage status.

As well as repairs I’ve refurbished a couple of Bang and Olufsen turntables and a beocentre, a combined turntable, tape deck and tuner. I occasionally have some of these items for sale which I will add to a ‘for sale’ page elsewhere on the website.

I have received Hi-Fi for repair from all over the country and even a couple from France and Spain, so if something needs to be posted to me drop me a quick email and we can discuss options.