Google Experts

Yes, I know Google can be very helpful for all sorts of things, I use it all the time for finding useless information, and believe me, when it comes to TV repairs most of the advice on there is just that…useless, written by people with no formal training or skills, or even regard for their own…and others, safety!

Most trades are regulated in some way, you can’t, or shouldn’t, even install a 13 amp socket or an outside light, or service a boiler without the correct training, and rightly so, because these things can be dangerous. Apparently it’s ok to go poking around inside a Plasma TV with all it’s high voltages though. Some of the repair videos I’ve seen on YouTube have given me the sweats. It really should be illegal for non qualified people to service electronic equipment. I’ve seen some real bodges, for instance a home made power supply to power up an LED screen when the relevant circuit in the TV’s own power supply has failed. This bloke thinks he’s a genius but what he’s actually doing is forcing the screen to run at a dangerously high voltage that will eventually make it fail..or worse, catch fire. Why not repair the TV’s own power supply?…probably because he can’t!

This thing with bulging capacitors as well…for goodness sake, all the time I’m told “it’s only a capacitor, I saw it on YouTube”. Yes, sometimes it is only a capacitor…but they don’t always bulge when faulty, sometimes it takes a circuit diagram, some fault finding and a special meter to measure the capacitors value and ESR. There was a bloke on YouTube who was demonstrating how to repair a 50″ samsung with no picture, he poked dangerously around with the TV switched on before finding a bulged capacitor under a heat sink on the Y- Sus panel…”that’s all you need to replace” he says but…he never actually shows the TV working, why?…because he wouldn’t have known about the faulty FET’s on the Y-Sus, the associated short circuit semiconductors on the same panel or the blown IC’s on the upper and lower buffer boards, not only would he not have know about these, he wouldn’t have known how to check them either. To be honest he was lucky to walk away from that without a serious electric shock…and he’s telling others they should do the same?

These people need to stop making out this is an easy trade that anyone can do, it’s not easy, even when it comes down to changing a panel for instance, eBay is flooded with panels but just buying one for your model number isn’t going to guarantee a working TV afterwards. The main panels have installed software that is specific to the power supply / main panel / screen combination and these can vary even on an identical model number, meaning a non working TV or an upside down picture or a solarised picture etc etc.

Rant over!