DMR-EZ48 Repair

Panasonic DMR-EZ48 repair

I had a couple of Panasonic recorders in for repair this week, this one was the combined DVD and VHS recorder, a very popular machine and definitely worth the effort to repair. It had the U81 fault code in the display, a common fault and one of the easier to sort out, once that repair had been carried out I found a problem with the DVD drive, I wasn’t planning on having an extra fault with it but a new laser assembly soon got it up and running.

Most of the work involved in repairing these is taking them apart and putting them back together, the front has to be removed, then the DVD drive and RAM drive panel, then the main panel has to be removed from the chassis in order for any parts to be replaced, it takes a while but is fairly straightforward when you’ve done it a few times…which I have over the years!