Aiwa Direct Drive Turntable

I was brought this old turntable because it was cutting out on one channel, this was cured by replacing the phono leads, an easy enough job, but another fault was that it wasn’t lifting off at the end of the record. Being direct drive there are no mechanics under the platter to accomplish this so everything is done with electronics. To sense when the tonearm is at the end of the record there is a lamp and optical sensor circuit, this cuts drive to the motor and also fires a solenoid to activate the arm lifter, this being the only mechanical part of the process. There is also a reed switch which tells this circuit whether the arm lifter is in the up or down position. So quite a complicated circuit and luckily I was able to download a service manual from the internet. It turned out there was a leaky transistor in the circuit that fires the solenoid, so fairly easy in the end. All that was left to do was spend a couple of hours listening to some of my old vinyl collection!